Rejected by ML

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Additional Information (if any): A friend of mine got his nomination rejected. It is a shutter art. It is NOT low quality photo, it is NOT temporary. it is a shutter art like thousands (if not millions) of them in Italy. It is clearly visible on Google street view:

I kindly ask you to accept his nomination. Thank you

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Appealing rejected wayspot submissions is done via the Wayfarer contributions page.

How can appeal be accepted if nomination had be rejected by Niantic?

As noted at the bottom of the rejection email your friend received, there are two options if they believe the rejection to be incorrect.

Either resubmit after making improvements to the nomination or appeal the decision using an accrued appeal on the contribution management page.


They will sometimes overturn a Niantic rejection on appeal. Your friend will get to give more information. They can address the rejection reasons and give proof that they are not correct. I would not use “lots of these are pokestops already” in the appeal statement. They should explain why THIS nomination meets criteria as a Wayspot.
I honestly don’t know how Niantic reviewers will see this, as we don’t have anything like this where I live, and I would probably consider it a sign for a generic business without more convincing that it is art.


I’ve had success in appealing rejections on serrande murals a couple of times. When using the appeals feature, your friend can include links. I would suggest including screenshots of the Google Street View showing that it’s been there awhile. Your friend will need to upload a copy of the screenshot to a photo host and then send the link with the appeal note, but that should be really simple. It might help to explain that the submission is the mural itself, not the plumber’s shop. Your friend could also explain that these painted store shutters are a widespread and popular art form here in Italy.

If the appeal is declined, try again. These kinds of shutter murals are unique commissioned works of art and in my experience they’re pretty well loved by the community. As long as the location can be confirmed I think it would probably be approved by the community reviewers quite easily. If you’re able, maybe share the details of what was written in the description and supporting information sections and I’d be happy to give feedback!

Unrelated to Wayfarer , I absolutely LOVE painted shutters. I never saw them until I moved to Italy and I’ve been ‘collecting’ photos of them for a couple of years just because I find them so charming lol.

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He used that google street view picture as supporting photo.

If your friend decides to resubmit, it might be better for him to take the supporting photo himself and really showcase both the painting and the sidewalk surrounding it to show it all clearly, unobscured by the vehicles.

Here’s an example of a supporting photo for a shutter mural I had approved by Niantic recently:

It doesn’t have to be perfectly shot or anything, but having a clear view of the painting and showing a really good view of the safe access could be helpful.

I think though that this could be accepted on appeal. If he has an appeal available I’d personally go with that first, and if it doesn’t get accepted, try again.

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