Nominations accepted or queueing for long long time

Hi, one of my nomination ( the treasure fountain located at Chater House HongKong open space) is being accepted for two weeks, but it doesn’t show up as a pokestop in Pokemon Go, want to know if it will turn up any time?

The second nomination is a pavilion for people to take a rest, it is in queue for almost a month now. ( located in Tai Wai, Hong Kong) also wonder when will it appears in the Pokemon Go as a pokestop, and since there a a few pokestop in the nearby, can the pavilion be upgraded to a Gym?

Thank you.

Please see this topic.


When PokeStop accepted nomination did not appear after 48 hours in pokemon go what does it mean?

Here is the answer:

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I saw this topic. But it lasts long than 48 hours. Is that mean my pokestop will not appear in pokemon go at all?

It makes no sense. My nomination has been accepted and there’s no sure it will appear on the map in Pokemon go. It is such a demotivating… :frowning:

Please reread the email you were sent when it was accepted. That tells you that not all accepted POI will show up in all games.

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