Now that the challenge has ended

The challenge ended for me quite unexpectedly yesterday evening, because I was unaware of the time difference, so i forgot to screenshot at the last moment. And since then it has been Radio silence

I did about 1400 reviews and got a few updates, but not a single reward in Pokemon.
No message, no mail, no update.

I must say I am a little disappointed, because i really put in a lot of efford and time. I don’t even know what the final result was (just that we made it to a little over the third tier).

Am i being too impatient again? When will the individual and group rewards be added and how?

I am still very new to this wayfairer-stuff, started the end of February, so perhaps i an overlooking the obvious again, but can someone point me in the right direction of where to find info I might have missed or am overlooking? Do I have to DO something to get my rewards?

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(This post is no longer empty, happy now discourse?)

Yes, I have read all that.
I would like to know what comes next :wink:

(And this noob thought she asked in that thread, but apparently I made a topic out of it. )

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Last challenge there was a mail which told ones how many wayspots one had reviewed, which global rank you reached and your passcode for the different games if you have been logged in to more than one participating game.

Rewards will be distributed within the next two weeks.

I don’t know why one wants the rewards immediatly after the challenge ended.

Niantic employees can look into your data to see how much you reviewed and which reward you get if you did not received the rewards.

It is not a ‘want’, its a ‘want to know’. ;-). Within a few weeks it’s fast enough for me, as long as i know i did nothing wrong.

I’ll be looking forward to that mail, though. I know I did quite a bunch on my few days off, though far removed from the top ten, but i just like statistics .

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There is information on the post called “That’s a wrap”

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I think it’s a little early to assume your rewards haven’t arrived, and indeed as others have said above there is information about the distribution period in the corresponding post. I wouldn’t start worrying after that period has ended at the very least :slight_smile: You don’t have to do anything, usually after previous challenges rewards were distributed in the form of codes for the games you were eligible for by e-mail. And when waves of rewards do start going out, you will usually hear about it on here with everyone posting about it. So far there hasn’t been one. Have a little patience :slight_smile:

Yes, I found that post in the meantime :slight_smile: Thank you.

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I did not assume, I just wondered. Got my answers in the meantime, and no,im in no rush. I somehow just expected the info to be on the site somewhere in the challenge, not in the forum which I a really haven’t used before because I could not get in. (Through the link I found on Facebook; direct log in worked fine).

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Yes, it would be sensible for them to provide this sort of information somewhere that doesn’t require trawling through forum posts to find. Common sense really.


In this day and age, what is the reason for the delay? Is Nianticcs Wayfarer department still only horse and buggy capable? Are they disallowed computter processing?? We got immefiate feed back on how many revviews we did. Why arent the rewards immediate??? Tired of screening emails everyday wondering if I missed the “email with the code” that we need to get our in game rewards… thisvis the point.

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Not all of the rewards are fully in control of wayferer
The upgrades are and were processed quickly.
The redemption codes have to be created and passed to wayfarer to distribute some of those take time.
It is still well within the window for distribution.

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If you use an abicus, you may be able to generate the redemption codes more quickly.

Thus is utter nonsense. We have computers nowadays. You are associated with Niantic. This is simply corporate nonsense. Try to instill the can do service modality.

I get over 50 emails everyday. Its very tiring scanning every day to see if I missed your email.

For reference, there are 33,477 participants. That’s at least 33.5k emails with varying degrees of participation and game eligibility.

Would you like my Peridot code to tide you over until yours arrive in the next 4 days?

I can give you four letters a day to keep the suspense going?


It’s 1.5 days and no thank you. Nasty attitude.