That's A Wrap!

Hello Explorers,

Congratulations! This marks the end of our first Wayfarer Challenge for 2024. As a community, we resolved over 100k nominations and edits in Japan, United States of America, Germany, Brazil, and Mexico! The Wayfarer Team and all of the residents of these countries thank you for helping significantly bring down their backlogs.

Check out your success stats below

  • Total Participants: 33,477
  • Total Resolutions: 101,487
  • Community Reward Tier Reached: Tier 3
  • Community Reward Recipients: 10,463
  • Tier 1 Reward Recipients: 2658
  • Tier 2 Reward Recipients: 1088
  • Tier 3 Reward Recipients: 3765

Top 10

  1. TroIIfarer - 12,596
  2. KooNasu - 12,150
  3. subzerom37- 5,091
  4. Risingvolt1245- 5,000 & MegaTrainerRed- 5,000
  5. mino0916 - 4,940
  6. TheCarnageRules - 4,841
  7. JPacio7 - 4,660
  8. Night4Ever - 4,444
  9. 4sqa - 4368

Reminder, challenge rewards will start to go out today and continue to be distributed for 2 weeks. All rewards should be distributed by June 5, 2024.


Congrats to all! Hopefully, next time, the site won’t be so glitchy, and we can reach tier 4 for community rewards.


I am tired. Whew.



I’m so excited! First price was a date with Aaron, right?


Those annoying bugs took out the fun of the challenge. Having to refresh over 5 times between reviews was such a turnoff.




How did it go for you in terms of your submissions being in one of the challenge countries ?

I am also tired


The Go rewards I’m assuming will be a code again and those can’t be applied via the game anymore.

I say ok.
The good news: every nomination did something.
The bad news: not everything is solved and not every nomination did what I want.

Yep, still the case. Amazon Prime members in the US get free codes often, and they do have to be redeemed via the web store link.

I believe that this was done because iOS users weren’t able to redeem codes in-game, only Android users could, so they just made all users, regardless of OS, use the web store link.

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Hopefully cleared everything out and you can get some normal reviewers again instead of someone like me who doesn’t know what they are doing.

I thought it was just to make us use their shop more?

Well, now that the Challenge ended is the time to give my honest opinion:

  1. I’m happy that, independently of all the things I had to do (personal and Ambo stuff) I made it to be in the Leaderboard with 5000 reviews, that’s 1000 more than my past record and I’m happy with the result!
  2. Edits Challenge was an interesting type of challenge that I would like to experience again. Sometimes it was very easy to review (especially for me when Brazil and México were added to the Challenge) sometimes, and others you needed to expend more time trying to find the correct option (yesterday I ran out of free translations in DeepL lol).
  3. We had more bugs than never and it made of this Challenge a very bad experience for a lot of explorers, including me. As Ambassador I have my mind calm knowing I tried everything to solve it, but sometimes there are things one don’t have the ability to fix them. It was a little bit disappointing to see how these common bugs that are present in every Challenge weren’t fixed in any moment and we had to live with them during all the Challenge. I know a lot of explorers that decided to stop reviewing due to the bugs. Also, in my honest opinion an extension or at least any reward for all the explorers should be the minimum to express any type of regret by Niantic, but it seems we won’t get anything for that.
  4. I’m seeing 3765 explorers reached the tier 3 individual rewards, that’s a huge number. I’m proud of all you, the ones that made it and the ones they didn’t. All of you gave your best :heart:
  5. This Challenge ends for me with a bitter savour. A lot of things could have been worked in a different way but they didn’t. I expect the following one (if we have more in the future) goes highly better than this one.

Thank you all the people who read this, I will see you in the forum, exploring or in a future Challenge :wave:


First time hitting the Top 10! Ironically I’ve done more reviews for this challenge than I ever have my entire time on Wayfarer before it. Well done to everyone who contributed to this challenge! :tada:


12K agreements? hooow??? :astonished:

@NianticAaron Do you have something to tell us? :eyes:

It was‽ I’d have gone way harder on the Challenge if I knew that was the top prize.


I’m not worried about. And I’m sure that you do a fantastic job as a reviewer :hugs:

Rejected nominations stay “mine”. Secret locations, that’s not to bad.

One case makes me a bit :pleading_face:.
I wanted to add a description where nothing was. Research, research, write a good text, go to the POI, want to add it - and it was to long :expressionless:
On my screen the text was cutted at a point and I think “ok, could be better, but…”, submit.
And than the piiiiiiep machine, cutted my text on a different point :face_exhaling:
As we all know you can’t edit an edit or delete it, so I decide to submit the text cutted after a full sentence.
But the community decided it would be better to take a half text :sob:

If you ever open your gift I’ll send you what I mean.

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wait what

Congratulations for your date with Aaron! :partying_face: :heart_eyes: