Null point (Null Inland) wayspot

The other day, I happened to find out that there is a wayspot live in and near the null point.

statue of padi yubbe
igreja quadrangular publica

This location is on the high seas and there is no land.
Please remove it as soon as possible. (Currently, someone is posting images of debris on Google Maps as a pun, but in reality, there are just marine weather buoys floating around.)

Also, we would like to ask you for a favor.
Currently, it is not practically possible to nominate a wayspot candidate for this location as is usually the case with wayspot nominations from gaming applications.
Therefore, please investigate how this wayspot nomination was made.
You don’t have to publish your findings, but perhaps it will be a good educational tool for you to figure out the modus operandi of Wayfarer’s fraudulent activities.

Also, as I have mentioned in previous Wayfarer forums, there are currently several such wayspots floating on the high seas as a result of being nominated and somehow approved in error, or approved with erroneous location edits. (You can see this in the Ingress mission authoring tool.)
In this case, we were able to confirm the location of the wayspots because they happened to be at an easily identifiable latitude and longitude, but most of them cannot be reported because their exact location information cannot be confirmed.
Also, we don’t want to report the removal of a wayspot from the game application as it is a very risky practice considering that Emily is now powerful enough to ban players without your visual confirmation.
We don’t want to report it because we could be banned if Emily repeatedly denies such an erroneous wayspot.
(It is clear that Emily has no understanding of zoning, etc., as evidenced by her denial of the removal of a temple that exists on the same property as the kindergarten.)
Therefore, we would like to request that wayspot clean up you, as it is honestly possible that this type of trash could be dropped off regularly.

Nice find, I did look at Null Island once and didn’t find anything myself.

I would assume that it’s just an error rather than deliberately malicious, but they should certainly be removed.


there are at least 175 wayspots in the vicinity in ‘provisional’ state that should preemptively be retired as well


This has been escalated for further review.


Another different wayspot is occurring.
I stated that I would like all wayspots in the area to be removed promptly.
Please start on this as soon as possible.

Lekeplass årum skole

I’m sure the wayfarer team will add this to the list of activities they are working on and prioritise appropriately.

Thanks for the appeal @tp235 After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspots in question.

Thank you for your work.
Just to confirm, I looked at “Niantic Lightship and it seems that a new temporary wayspot “Balanço de madeira” has already occurred.
Please check it out for the sake of your own safety.