Ordnance survey carved benchmarks

Benchmark on Station Road railway... © John Beniston :: Geograph Britain and Ireland what are the chances that this ordnance survey benchmark could get accepted in england. They started being carved in 1831 and the last one was created in 1993.

I’ve seen them on the map and I get them in review. I reject them as being not that significant and how many there are.

I’m sure you could get it accepted though :smile:


I was reading about them and it said there were about 500,000 of them. But they are quite old

Older than lots of postboxes for sure :wink:

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These are very common in every village and town across the country. Unless you find one that is a particulary unique or interesting example and can provide sufficient evidence, I suspect that you will struggle convincing reviewers that they are significant enough.

What about the AI though? Thats accepted things for me that the reviewers have rejected

No idea about the AI I’m afraid, it seems to be slowly improving but still a mess from what I’ve experienced. You just have to use your best judgement, provide sufficient evidence and hope you dont get a warnimg email if you happen to break some undefined rule.

Old doesn’t necessarily equate to eligible, especially if there are half a million of them.

I would hope there’s no more live ordnances…not saying on Wayfarer but in real life

Flush Brackets I’ll accept ordinary BMs no: Guide to historic map symbols | OS GetOutside.

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