Could this get accepted

It’s carvings in a sandstone wall with dates and how high most floods were from the river trent in nottingham under the trent bridge. Heres the coordinates if anyone wants to look at it 52.938513,-1.137256. The first carving was done in 1852 and the last in 2000

I would say yes, definitely. :sunglasses:

I like it. I think ML may have trouble determining what it is. We have an actual sign in a local park that tells the history of the high water mark for a local creek.

If it was on a plaque or sign it definitely would.

I dont think there is a sign or plaque there for the floods but if there was i would probably still nominate the carvings because they’re interesting and one of them is nearly 200 years old, but then again the sign would probably be a easier accept.

Weirdly enough the AI hasn’t voted on any of my nominations I’ve done in city’s

I’d accept it

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You’ve now got me wondering whether the flood chart inside the King’s Arms in York could be submitted as a wayspot.

For anyone who doesn’t know of the pub in question, and thinks that the above statement sounds a bit odd with regards to the placement of the chart, you can read a bit more about the pub itself here. Needless to say that whilst health and safety is a bit more prohibitive these days, it takes more than a bit of water to stop locals enjoying their pints haha


Might need a couple of pints after the match tonight :joy:


That sounds interesting and……
I don’t think non-U.K. people will ever get our relationship with pubs :joy:

I would suggest a Waymeeting in that pub, except that York is well taken care of in the Wayspot department🤔


Omg that’s brilliant :laughing:

We appreciate and respect your culture :wink:

Irishman here. Think we understand.:rofl::rofl::rofl: