Pedestrian Bridge, walkway vs Cyclist route sign (trailmarkers)

I think its strange why pedestrian bridge, walkway are decided not to be accepted but cyclist route sign are accepted, few reasons

  1. Its always a safe location, most time access to park, or a walking path/trail.
    Cyclist lane have a lot of cyclist cycling,
    City high village low
    2, you can socialize, on a pedestrian bridge and have a conversation whit a nice view.
    Om a cyclist trail, not good ideaa to stand still whit a group of people,
  2. Walking whit a phone is safe.
    Cycling whit a phone in your hand get you a fine you can place in phone holder and stop ad every poi,
  3. Picture gift of the poi. Nice view of pedestrian bridge over the water, or a sign whit a number on it, witch one you prefer to receive ?
  4. Pedestrian bridge are great places to explore as the most enter a park or its a part of walking route true a park or forest, or it follow to a park ,more poi is maybe a longer walk that give more exercise, would you prefer to walk to a poi, where a number on is and routename, or something that shows what there is like a pedstrian bridge where you can walk over?
    6 city vs village, in citys you have many options to add a new poi, in village there is not much to submit. Then playgrounds, pedstrian bridges would be great addiditon for small and normall village to add some point of interst to discover.
  5. All trailmarkers you can buy online. And get accepted? Even cyclist and mountain bike trails, what ever route you wanna make

While a route marker for children and meeting spot to go to school get not accepted ? Topic below

I dont get the criteria if it apply to one thing but not the other, is it a preference or?

Google-Ai also sayed you can put Glue on your pizza so the cheese dont fall off.
Is this the same ? Why safe pedestrian walking location and meeting spot get denied and cycling track route get accepted ? Ai boosting the electric bike over people walking :sweat_smile:

So a tiny trail marker ad the pedstrian bridges wil be accepted? Much nicer to walk from park to park then playground to playground where you only see houses, many park dont have trail markers, but a lot.of walking bridges that can be a trail marker in game, walking bridge nobody go buy and place to expensive
for a poi ad home, trail marker everyone can buy and place ad the latern or street sign, so how you know or its cityhall that placed it or someone random, the children school route pole and meeting place it super expensive and legit placed by goverment to create safe school trails,

What you think about it? Location netherlands
Country of biking ( there are 2 times more bikes then cars ! If its not 3 times)

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Because pedestrian bridge can be eligible, but not per definition, it depends on the context.

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I haven’t had a problem with getting them accepted most of them time.



Yes i see very nice ones! And your titles and discreption are also very nice.

I also tryed to add the street name in the title name but again rejected. Most pedestrian bridge here give acces to a dike whit walkng path and sit on benches or a small park, that dont have a name, maybe i need to make a new topic whit the bridges for help whit title and disreption

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Ive had some rejections - one of my bridges was rejected 9 times before finally being accepted on the 10th. So I think it varies, but they can definitely be accepted. Keep trying!

And yes we will happily make recommendations to help your nominations have the best chance :yellow_heart:

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