Pedestrian bridge, walkway

I am not good in title or discrepation for a simple pedestrian bridge, most of time i write like stone or wooden bridge, i try adding closetst streetname, but didt work, the locations are very walk and made some screenshots. Not even one walkway/ footbridge get accepted

All help idea’s welcome

Are they part of a trail, walk, park or something to pin them to?

No just the only green places in the area, whit water tree’s grass field, and benches where you can sit, benches are also normal standaard benches, and a lot of people walk there whit the dogs, but there are nog trail markers signs or anything good except the bridges it self

Here are my 3 successful foot bridge submissions. I have tried 3 or 4 others which were concrete or brick and none were accepted. Gos Brook one was the one that I tried 10 times before it was accepted. Maybe the successful ones are useful as examples of the pictures, titles and descriptions that eventually worked?

I found that a side on image showing the structure and some water worked best as the main image, and usually my support picture showed the path entering the bridge and the view across it.

The Gos Brook trail isn’t a named trail or anything, just a common walking route worn into the grass, because walking alongside the brook is quite pretty. It is inside a park though.

Tryed close by far away :sweat_smile: all angles but i think need to have a better discreption title i use are like

Wooden bridge brasem
Bridge in the park

So i need to make that better and intresting

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Yeah I think those pictures are very clear and not bad at all, I did end up in some stinging nettles for some of my pictures almost in the water to get the right angle :laughing:

Probably talk more about the walk that can be done from this bridge (even if that isnt a full on trail), any particular nice things to see etc? Just an additional sentence might help people see the value for exercise/explore which i think is how these become eligible

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Does that stretch of water have a specific name like some of the singels in Rotterdam?

Does the green space have an ‘official’ park name?

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Haha yes its very wild now whit stinging nettles. Yes i added info thay it connects 2 nature spots. From oosterpark to the gorzen and there is also a bird place crezeepolder.

All the water is part of the pump station ( gemaal ) and dont have a name, its for when to much rain fall it get in the water (sloot) waterbodys in hole the village and it get pumped out to the river if the water gets to high. If you intersted i can probally find a link for you about it. Ad one park there is a tiny forest poi of interst i added to those bridge it give acces to the park and tiny forest tiny forest is place for kids to meet play learn climb tree.trunks etc so hoop that helps a little for that location because tiny forest meet all 3 criteria s @26thDoctor

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I think you might have to sell the bridges as part of the park as a point where people gather, cycle, walk etc?

The forest and play bit sounds more engaging than pump station and sloot :slight_smile:

I sell it as a walking bridge footbride walkway,
Whit info like it connect the parks, that you can follow the water to the big park, its perfect and nice to walk instead of playground to playground in streets whit only house’s, .most poi you stand in fronts somebodys house or shop, ad the small green areas where you walk next to.the water you can sit or stand also whit bigger groups to fight or raid a gym in pokemon go… thats why some gyms are populair then others, because more space in open area, and not in front someone house. Thats why i think the walkway , bridges are good poi, its in the neighboorhood, and lot of people walk and bike over the walkings path next to the water because its much nicer to travel true. I nominted a few so we will see after some time or they get accepted

I like it and they have a nice aesthetic.

Tricky bit might be convincing reviewers their use is not just purely functional?

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A better description & title is certainly a good idea. :+1:

I recognize 1 of the bridges. I gave this a positive review.
But if I remember correctly, that bridge was not visible via Google Maps. (I got a picture of a street on maps)

Perhaps you can indicate in the supporting information to use satellite map. :wink:

You can not see it on google maps because there is no car road, is only a sidewalk for walking, and no car can enter, like most time in forest parks nature there is no roadmap car few you can see if you zoom in from the road close by but most you can not see , yes only satelliet.


Can be little harder yes,

But like this one you can see really good

I just wait and see how it will go this time whit better title discroption