Permanent removed poi

A peace of art

This poi was part of a temporary exhibition that took place the summer 2019. Peace of art wasnt removed immediatly after the exhibition was closed, some of the artpieces stayed for a little bit longer (one of them are still there). But ”a peace of art” doesnt stand in this park anymore. The poi itself are a little bit misslocated judging from how the photo was taken, but I will attache two geotagged photos from the place. One with a view over the area where the poi is located on the map, and one showing the view where the real sculpture acuatlly was located for 5 years ago.
There are still two poi still on the map, (besides this one) that doesnt exist, but still exists as poi. (There were at least 14 of them from the beginning). But these 2 I still havent got response about yet.

Thanks for the appeal, @amaterasu00. After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.