Wayspot is gone

our wayspot “Neighbor and Neighbor” disappeared last few days ago.
We would like to see it reinstated!
Many friendships have been formed here, it would be a shame if they fell away again in dangerous ways!
This wayspot was in Steenakker nu nr 157, 6651 JD in Druten
This wayspot was accepted at 16-06-2023.
Here The image!

You need to offer some evidence that this exists and is not on private single family residential property. That looks like a temporary yard decoration to me.


Can you share more about this Wayspot? From the picture which focuses on the statue it looks like it may me a single family home (PRP). Additionally these cute guys look temporary (small and easily moved).

If you could provide additional information it would help us give you better advice.

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I did a quick Google search on the photo. It’s a garden sculpture. Neighbor & Neighbor Garden Sculpture - Duo Welcome | Thimble Toys


Thanks for looking this up.

Summary: likely massed produced, temporary (since so small), likely located on PRP.

This gives me confidence that this was rightfully removed.


You can’t see it on street view, but I found the location and yes, it’s in someone’s front garden (as well as the aforementioned issues with it being a mass produced garden ornament that could easily be removed). This should never have made it through the review system, but looking at the date and the location, I suspect it was accepted by the Netherlands abuse bot network.

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Het staat op de hoek in de tuin! We hebben ruim 10 maanden van de gym mogen genieten, was me niet bewust dat dit niet mocht! Jammer, maar snap het wel!
Bedankt voor jullie uitleg!

Groetjes Marianne!

Thanks for the appeal, Explorer. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire the Wayspot.


Ik begrijp dit wel! Was me er niet van bewust dat het niet mocht! Heb er veel plezier van gehad, toen ik in bed lag (met gebroken enkel) en de deur niet uit kon :kissing_heart:
Dank voor jullie antwoord!