Restore Wayspot removed on title change request

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

This is a permanent exhibition site in NCMA Museum Park. It is documented as site 32 on the museum map:
Relevant snip here shows the three permanent locations for the rotating art
This is the leftmost location, so I was trying to do a title correction to
NCMA “Park Pictures” West Station
When I appealed the rejection of the title edit, help chat gave me this notice that they have removed the wayspot.
This has had many different works of art over the years, and some have been added to the portal. The current is the last one here:

Travelling or temporary art is not eligible and meets removal policies. So, the removal is correct. You can try submitting the location as a whole.

The station is permanent @NianticAaron . See the park map? The art changes but the station is permanent.

Thank you for the quick response, but if this stays removed, this is the last correction I will try to make. The location is a gym in Pokemon Go and that is important to people.

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Yes, the station can be eligible. But, the Wayspot in question was connected to the art and not the station. We cannot repurpose the Wayspot,

Thank you for the fast reply. Done with trying to correct Wayspots.

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The art IS the station.

The station IS the art.

The station is the frame where the art is displayed.

Surely this is similar enough to the mural case in which we are instructed to do this?

and again I’d like to ask that this policy be stated plainly on the help page of the wayfarer website.


I knew i left something out but is hard to see in the preview window. Here is the museum description for “Park Pictures”

@NianticAaron please review this description of the art. The site is the art is the site. The frame to display the art can’t possibly be separate from the art on it.

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for what it’s worth I’d also like to express again my discontent with this policy.

for each Niantic game that uses these wayspots there are very good reasons why it’s unpopular and disruptive to remove and replace wayspots. in Pokemon go any time a gym is removed that’s very unpopular. in ingress, all keys are lost, etc.

additionally, the removal process almost always requires appeal for cases like this, forcing folks to post publicly on the forum and take the extra time and then spend an additional nomination to replace it. so you’re putting up an enormous roadblock for someone who genuinely wants to make improvements.

yes repurposing can be used for abuse but I don’t think this policy is the right way to address that and I hope the team spends more time on thinking about a better way forward.

edit: whoops I replied to the wrong post so @NianticAaron so you see this

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What a blind side to people trying to correct the game board to remove the POINT OF INTEREST that still exists that never had the correct title. The name of this piece was never Outdoor Art by Lydia Anne McCa. The art was always part of the “Park Pictures” display. The original submitter did not do the work to look past the temporarily displayed artist.


@NianticAaron did you look at the NCMA link I left out of the original post for the description of the art? Is removal the final answer?

it really discouraged edits huh. I hope they realize what a poor policy this is sooner than later.


This does not make sense. I have to wait until there is no art there and submit the frame they mount the art on?

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Yes, removal is the final answer. You do not need to wait for the art to be removed. You can submit the art station and call it out in the title/description.

This is silly. I will be resubmitting the photo that is already on the portal. And folks are losing a gym. All because I tried to correct the title. I am extremely upset and had many more corrections I had planned to make at the park but will just leave now.

Thank you for the fast response.

Edit 5/16 noon edt since I can’t reply. Accepted by “our team” just now. But who cares? The gym is lost, the routes connecting to the gym are lost, the scout controllers are lost. I still don’t see how this is different than giving the other artwork the correct name.

I hope this policy is revised ASAP. see my longer comment on this thread.

How on earth is correcting the name of the art to the right name for the station wrong but resubmitting a new piece of art at the station is right?


hey can we apply the “they knew it was temporary” rule to the clearly vandalism graffiti I report which the support team demands geotagged photos for? how come this policy is only used against those of us trying to do good?


I seem to remember another art station request in the past and the title was changed instead of getting removed. How is this request any different?

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Surely the PoI is the art station and a reason to explore it repeatedly is that the art changes?