Personification of Systems

I have created this new topic.
I have left the topic open as I don’t see a need to close it.
But a general reminder chilling down the conversation.

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I would like to point out that I did not make a comment on the other post until I was tagged by someone intentionally because it would irritate me.

I replied to that. Then my standpoint on the issue, which I have explained over and over, is dismissed because it isn’t shared by those in charge of managing the forum.

I am done with the forum, except where I need to contact Niantic staff.

However, since my attempts to explain why I hate calling the ai by a human nickname have not been effective, I will try one more time by sharing this quote from @Tntnnbltn:
“Or we just call it ML or AI, because words/abbreviations have meanings, and anthropomorphizing something which literally does not involve humans and is specifically the only not human thing does not lead to enhanced communication and understanding of Niantic’s systems to the broader community who are being affected by them.”

ty for trying to give us a place to discuss this @elijustrying


I don’t suppose you’ve got any fudge that I can snack on whilst I sit back and enjoy whatever this thread has turned into? :joy: