Playgrounds & Specific Playground Items

I have come across quite a few contributions for specific parts of a playground area (swings, see-saw, etc) when there is already an existing location for the playground as a whole.

Should these specific items be accepted if it meets all of the requirements, or should they be marked as a duplicate item of the existing playground entry?

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They should be duplicated if they are on the same ground


For the most part these individual items would be considered a duplicate of the existing playground.

There are times when some piece of equipment is at a more significant distance from the rest. Those might be eligible. I find it easier to decide if there is something on the ground that helps distinguish the areas. Think separate wood chip beds and/or separate low walls (to hold the chips in).


Agree with the duplicate marking. It is a little annoying when every single play piece at a playground is nominated, as we all know that, if approved, they won’t appear in all Niantic games.

The most annoying ones are the spring riders getting individually nominated, and with some parks, they may have 3 or 4 in the same area. No, just no.


1st thing I look for is there a distinct border between the pieces. You know how piece of a playground might have woodchips under it, then grass. if there is grass between two woodchipped areas, then those are separate play areas and eligible just like 2 Sports Fields/Courts that are separated often are.

Then if there isn’t some obvious separation, like all the equipment is just on same grass field, I usually will only nominate/accept if they are decently far apart.