Swing Set Rejected as Duplicate

It’s a different swing set, just at the same apartment complex. Should I appeal it? It’s in a different place than the one already in-game

No. They won’t approve each item in a playground.

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It’s in a different area though and there are many places where there’s multiple items at a playground

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i reviewed this one recently and i was not convinced that there was an additional swingset at the pin location. the position of items in your photos compared to what’s visible on streetview gave me the impression that it was an attempt to double up where in fact there was only a single swingset. if there are in fact two, take photos from different angles, especially your supporting photo and make it 100% clear that there are two.

They’re not right at the same exact location though and I can’t see it on Google satellite or street view, but it is there. You can’t see the other one on Google satellite or street view.

k maybe read what i said.

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is it at all possible to take a photo that shows both of them and use that as your supporting?

such as from this vantage point? or at the far end of that path where it meets the playground area?

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They won’t be visible in 1 picture

Maybe, I’ll try it, but I doubt it

the pin location is right smack in the middle of this photo under those trees and i can see the one off to the left so i can’t figure out what’s difficult about this.

I won’t be able to have them both in the same picture ;-;

well even a picture from this location showing the one you’re nominating where the pin is would be sufficient tbh

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