Pokéstops Not Appearing

It Has Been More Than 48 Hrs Of Approval of my new Pokéstop In Pokemon Go But It Have Still Not Appeared in Game

Have you read this?

If you would like to provide the location (gps coordinates are easiest to work with) then someone can check it for you.

12.958367, 77.657284

These coordinates are in the same cell as Sree Mariamman Temple, so it cannot appear in Pokemon Go. It looks like it should have appeared in Ingress, so the pin may have been moved in voting. You can go to the location in person, and from the nomination screen there is a toggle in pogo that you can turn on to show all Waypoints if you want to see where it ended up.

There is nothing at that location nor near the two closest portals to that location which has not synced to ingress. It’s possible your nomination was removed before it could sync to ingress.

It’s available in Ingress But Not Pokemon Go

The two closest portals to those coordinates are both in distinct level 17 s2 cells, so should appear in pogo. If it’s further away than that, it seems to have been moved quite a ways away from where you pinned it.

What is the name of the Wayspot you submitted?

Statue Of Blessed Mother Mary

It was accepted at coordinates 12.957999, 77.656929 which is in the same Level 17 S2 Cell as Ganesha Statue.