Portal description edit request (NHS Rainbow)


I’m from the UK! During the covid pandemic, rainbows were put up around the country to support hospital staff. At a hospital in my community, a NHS rainbow was put up outside the hospital:

And it was made a portal in-game. At: 51.553092, 0.688249

Somebody made a silly edit to it, and changed the description to about pride, when it isn’t. Locals in my community are struggling to get it changed back. And I’m guessing because it’s a touchy subject, some of the words like ‘covid’ will be banned from edits.

Can it be changed back please, thanks

You can submit a new description in-game; Niantic is unable to revert the description back. The Wayspot Appeals forum is only for Wayspots that people have reported to be removed, but the request was rejected, and they have additional information to provide, or to have a removed Wayspot restored.

You can find more information about how to do this here:

I would try Help Chat for this. You can access Help Chat from the Help menu on the Wayfarer site. I would send them the link that the current description is incorrect and ask if they can roll back the description to the previous one, or suggest a new one.