Portal (ingress) inside working area / arbour

This portal, Pra : Il Porto, located here:

Only has two suppose accesses.
One is a gate that is always closed here:

The other is the entrance to the porto (arbour):

You read in the picture that only autorized people may enter.
Two agents, which I assume work there use this portal for the last several months to tip the scales to their faction. My vote is to either remove this portal or place it (removing all link / fields) at the entrance of the harbour (second link).

Hello! Wayspots with limited access don’t meet elimination criteria, is the same example for wayspots inside community gardens or inside sports center, they don’t really need to have public access to everybody.

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Does it mean we need to work there or “break in” to use the portal?

Forgot to add the link to the ingress.

Absolutely you should NOT break in there if you are not authorized to enter. You can try to ask for permission to someone if they allow you, but never enter without authorization as is not legal.

Our games are meant to augment reality, not replace it. If you’re not certain you have the right to access a location or are not certain it is safe to access, please do not make any attempts to do so. As a player or any other member of the community, you must respect access restrictions, never trespass, or in any manner gain or attempt to gain access to any property or location where you do not have the right or permission to be.

Please review and follow the player guidelines at all times while playing our games to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone!


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