Portal removed, unsure why

For quite a while, there was a wayspot (appeared in Ingress as portal and Pokemon go as gym, but wasn’t a wayspot of note in monster hunter or pikmin) in this location but this past week it was removed from all games, but I cannot figure out why. It was a unique mural visible and easily accessible from a street with sidewalks, right near a park and in an area moderately dense with portals. There are many portals nearby that are very close together and remain, so I don’t think density is the reason why it was removed. I would like to try to get the wayspot reinstated at least into ingress if possible.

Photo shows location/mural (dated a few years ago but the art is still there and in good condition) and the prior location on the map.

It was probably removed because it’s the garage door of a single-family home which makes it in eligible. Someone probably finally noticed it and reported it to be removed.

Ah, that’s not accurate though. It’s a car shop, industrial art space thing. The house next door is 2026 and is a separate lot, possibly owned by other people entirely? This isn’t a garage to a home per se, it’s a standalone garage.

@shaleby A quick search of a realtors site shows it is all one building listed as a single family and the garage is included which is probably why it was removed

Thanks for the appeal, @shaleby. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Wayspot.