Portal removed

I want to notify you that opposing players used tricks to break our link with reports and managed to remove our portals.
I wanted to know if it would be possible to find out who the players did this and punish them for their cowardice. This is absurd, this cannot happen and remain that way.

I ask for help, some players used evil to report valid portals so they could release passage for them. they removed potals unfairly. How can I reverse this situation?

Hi, if you would like to put some appeals for wayspot restoration in, then you need to make a post in Wayspot Appeals following the template there. You will need information about the wayspot and evidence of the object it represents still being there, usually in the form of a geotagged photo.


Welcome @angrense

This forum is only for wayfarer issues, and can not intervene with gameplay issues in one of the games.
I appreciate that you seem to be implying that an adjustment in the wayfarer database was done not for accuracy but for game play. Wayfarer can look at issue around the validity of that portal and any moves. Follow the advice given above about that aspect and keep any appeal focussed on the actual portal.
However issues with game play can’t be addressed here and you need to follow Ingress reporting protocols.