Portal worthy?

Just a question!
Are these sign’s portal worthy?
See picture.
I don’t think they are worthy.


Mod Edit: Moved from Wayspot Appeals to Review Support

Yes, but I want to see more of the tree, definitely in a supporting picture and you need to tell me more about this tree than is on the sign. Otherwise I would investigate right away if this is on your property and not in the location it came from.

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Maybe if there’s nothing else

This one is already a portal .
There are more of these sign’s all with only a tree name.

There are more of these sign’s in a row.
But only with a tree name

No. Its just a little sign telling wich tree it is nothing special.
If it had more information about the tree where it grows and other info like that it would be more intressting and i would say probably yes.

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@papacruzer79 @gjnl This is an educational sign for a tree/plant species, and they indeed are eligible as they meet the explore criteria, and depending on where they are, may meet exercise as well. I’ve gotten many in review, especially at arboretums, parks, and gardens, and have no issue with them, as long as the submission is good.

As long as the main photo is for the sign, the supporting photo shows the tree/plant in a wider context, and the title/description give additional info as to what the species is and where it’s located, I will approve it.

FYI: the year listed is usually when it was planted, which doesn’t mean much, but it’s nice to include in the description.

The sign is not there any more…

Are there other portals in the area? Ingress does have a 20 meter density rule, and if there have been other Wayspots added to the area that are within this distance, it could be why it’s no longer in Ingress.

PoGo uses a S2 cell density rule. Each Niantic game has their own density rules, so game play locations can change from time to time.

The portal is stil there

These portals are there. 4 with a ‘tree sign’
Only with name and planting year