Mass producted signs

  • Wayspot Title: Speelzone hollebollenbos

  • Location (lat/lon): Ingress

  • City: Genk

  • Country: Belgium

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  • Additional Information (if any):

    This used to have the name of the forest on it but didn’t have it anymore last time i went there these type of signs are at almost any forest here and are all the same it just tells you its a play area where you can get off the tracks if these kind of signs are allowed so are trailmarkers then which get removed on a fast phase

Why on earth do you want this removed? It encourages exercise, gets people outside, and helps them explore their surroundings for things to do.

So do trailmarkers but for some odd reason they aren’t allowed anymore over here so just seems fair if they threat this the same. i used to get to a new area every weekend to nominate some new portals did spend a lot of my time to do that and now its all just getting removed niantic just needs to be clear of what is allowed and what not since in their own guidelines are trailmarkers still allowed yet they get removed here even the ones with names of the route which NianticAaron stated which was allowed still

Just because something may be happening with one type of wayspot does not automatically carry it over to another type. A wayspot having an origin that is mass produced is not a removal criteria in itself. The function of that wayspot which you have shown is where it is meant to be, if currently slightly damaged, seems to be as it was when it was approved.
Is there any other of the removal criteria that you have evidence applies to this particular wayspot?


These are the reasons you can report a Wayspot for. I wonder which you chose.

I have chosen the permantly removed the sign is still there but the name isn’t if they end up being allowed then i guess i just nominate all of them

So each of these signs marks an area designated for stopping to play, chat, stretch, etc.? In that case, I’d say they were eligible as place marker/pins for an eligible spot, not for the artistic or uniqueness value of the signs themselves.


You have shown it isn’t permanently removed. It is slightly damaged but still fit for its purpose.
This is not about submissions but whether this specific wayspot should be removed, and you have selected a criteria it does not fit with. Hence previously rejected removal request.

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So basically i should be able to appeal all trailmarker nominations that recently got removed here if i provide prove if they are still there? Since there also isn’t any removal criteria for those all are unique in their way, still there not located at any school nor private property doesnt obstruct any emergency services and can be reached by

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The category description says that you can request that. Idk how to expand that to see the whole thing.

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Thanks for the appeal @eternalmayhem We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.