Question about appeal process

Hey y’all, just submitted my first appeal, so wish me luck… IF I DESERVE IT! But my question is this, when I submit a nomination I get a lovely email back with a copy of what I submitted. When I did the appeal I got a similar email with the original nomination, but not including the text I submitted via the text box to support the appeal. Did I do something wrong and not send that or is this just the way it is? Be a shame to lose that eloquent and persuasive prose! Thanks.

No, you didn’t do anything wrong. This is just how the appeal emails are currently; they do not include the additional information you’ve provided to the appeals team. We certainly want the emails to communicate with us better, but it seems like it’ll take a long time.

As long as you submitted the appeal, and it’s in Contribution Management showing Appealed, it’s been appealed.

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