Wayspot appeal issues

Hi, I used an appeal on a submission which had normally everything good to be accepted.
First i got an mail which told me that the appeal were accepted but 30 minutes later i got a second mail that sayed it was already a wayspot, but the wayspot doesn’t exist at all. If someone could explain me itf it i a bug or something because I’m a bit lost.

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Have you co ordinates for the wayspot please so we can check

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It’s unusual to receive acceptance and rejection emails for the same appeal back to back (assuming the nomination wasn’t duplicated or something), but the second email you are showing is exactly consistent with appeal reviewers rejecting something as a duplicate (it’s bugged, it says “our community” even though it shouldn’t). I don’t have the exact address but it is likely this wayspot is actually already in-game but not showing in your game of choice (if you share a more precise location we will be glad to check). I can’t explain the first email though.

Hi, thanks for the fast answer !
I don’t know if the picture will help but there is the location of the submission

Yes that will do, stand by please

Hm, not a duplicate. It just looks like it could have been removed. Could you also share your entire nomination with the supporting photo please?

I know, that’s why i sent a link which is supposed to prove that it’s going to be permanent

This is super weird. The appeal somehow got duplicated. So, it was first approved and later marked a duplicate of itself. I have overturned the outcome and pushed the Wayspot live.


Cool, thanks!

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Thanks guys for the help !! :grin:
Have a good day !