Nomination rejected as duplicate, cannot appeal on site

Hi, the nomination got rejected as a duplicate, so I can not appeal on site, but the reason has nothing to do with the reality.
Attached the email, Rejection email and the Google maps photos where the Wayspot is visible.

3x klac-klac
Tri klackalice u parku
Decje igraliste, idealno za druzenje u prirodi.

(44809486 , 20523058)

I can’t see anything nearby that’s similar.

Normally when something is marked as a duplicate your image will be added to that Wayspot but I can’t see yours anywhere.

You get 2 appeals every 20 days, from the date you made the appeal. Each has a separate timer. When you are eligible to appeal again, the button will be back. You can check your emails to see when you last appealed.

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I know @26thDoctor, therefore the reason doesn’t have any sense.

Thank for the clarification @cyndiepooh, didn’t know that, last appeal was on May 23rd, but then I appealed for two different Wayspots.

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The only thing I can see is there is a swingset in the database that is in the same what appears to be apartment complex about 100 m away. It makes no sense. It was marked duplicate, but maybe that’s what it was.

@syxxtreme 's Wayspot image doesn’t show as being added to anything nearby.

I know, therefore the reason duplicate doesn’t really have any sense. I will wait to have the appeal option, this part is what surprised me mostly, but I’ve got the explanation.