Race Around the World Challenge: Timing and Rewards

Hello Explorers,

Today is the day the Race Around the World Challenge begins! We’re excited to see all of the awesome nominations and map improving edits Japan, USA, and Germany have to offer. I’m sure this challenge will make significant improvements to our map and make a great impact to all Niantic games; none of which couldn’t be done without you, our Explorers! Please find more information about the challenge below:

Country Timeline:

As mentioned above, we’ll be kicking off the challenge in Japan, then flying to the USA, and then Germany before flying back to Japan. This order was selected to ensure we tackle the largest edits backlog first. Please review your flight schedule below:

  • Japan
    • 5/15/2024 1:00pm PDT - 5/17/2024 1:00pm PDT
  • USA
    • 5/17/2024 1:00pm PDT - 5/20/2024 1:00pm PDT
  • Germany
    • 5/20/2024 1:00pm PDT - 5/21/2024 1:00pm PDT
  • Japan (+ USA & Germany)
    • 5/21/2024 1:00pm PDT - 5/22/2024 1:00pm PDT

How to participate:

By default Explorers will have the Wayfarer Challenge setting turned on. You will be able to turn this setting off if you wish to take a break from the challenge and review nominations from your Home and Bonus locations. To access this setting, go to your Settings tab in your Wayfarer account. Turning it back on will automatically resume your participation in the challenge. Similarly to our previous challenge, challenge reviews will be pulled based on the country code.

Note that turning it on and off does not reset your individual counter, all previous reviews are retained.

Challenge Timelines:

  • Challenge Kick-Off
    • 5/15/2024 at 1:00pm PDT (8:00pm UTC)
  • Challenge Ends
    • 5/22/2024 at 1:00pm PDT (8:00pm UTC)
  • Reward Distribution
    • 5/23/2024 - 6/5/2024

Wayspot+Edit Resolution Goal and Rewards:

Community Rewards: Community Rewards will be given to all Explorers who participated in the challenge by reviewing 50 nominations/edits or more from the challenge countries during the period of the challenge if a tier goal is reached. Similar to our previous challenges, only one set of rewards will be distributed based on the tier reached. These tiers are based on the number of Wayspot nominations and edits resolved (approved or rejected) within the 1-week span needed to qualify for the Community Rewards.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 12.44.49 PM

Individual Rewards: Individual Rewards will be distributed to individuals who participated in the challenge and reviewed the number of challenge country nominations specified for each tier. Again, only one set of rewards will be awarded based on how many Japan, United States, Germany Reviews you do during the challenge timeframe.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 12.47.01 PM

Wayfarer Rewards will be rewarded per Wayfarer Account, not per game account

Eligibility for Rewards:

  • You are eligible to participate in the challenge if you are an eligible Wayfarer reviewer (meaning you are at least Level 37 Trainer in Pokémon GO or Level 10 Agent in Ingress and have completed the Wayfarer Onboarding)
  • A target Wayspot resolution goal has been met; and you review at least 50 nominations or edits from Japan, USA, Germany during the reviewing portion of the challenge.
  • We will confirm whether the Wayspot Resolution Goal has been met and if so, which Tier. The rewards distributed will be based on the Wayspot resolution goal status (Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3) at the end of the campaign. Only one set of rewards will be distributed, such that:
    • If at least Tier 1 is reached and you have reviewed 50 or more Wayspots/Edits, you will receive one set of Tier 1 rewards.
    • If Tier 2 is reached, and you have reviewed 50 or more Wayspots/Edits during the Challenge, you will receive one set of Tier 2 rewards.
    • If Tier 3 is reached, and you have reviewed 50 or more Wayspots/Edits during the Challenge, you will receive one set of Tier 3 rewards.
    • Game rewards will be distributed by email in the form of a passcode(s), and to your Wayfarer account directly in which you are an eligible Wayfarer reviewer. For example, if you are a Trainer level 37 and an Agent level 5, you will only receive Pokémon GO rewards. If you are eligible in both games, you will receive the rewards in both by the deadline shared above.
    • Wayfarer Rewards will be rewarded per Wayfarer Account, not per game account
    • Given the above, rewards will be distributed between May 23,2024 and June 5, 2024.

If you are eligible to participate but have not used Wayfarer before, prepare in advance by creating an account linked to your Pokémon GO or Ingress profiles. After you have signed in, check out the Criteria page and complete the onboarding to learn the basics of Niantic Wayfarer, such as reviewing and voting on nominated Wayspots.

We are very excited to be hosting this challenge for our Explorer Community in Japan, USA, and Germany. If you have any questions, please ask them in the challenge forum page coming soon!

Check out the original post HERE!

-The Wayfarer Team




Vroom Vroom!

@NianticTintino can we have kind of participation badge for this challenge in Pokemon GO, please? :flushed:


Tier 1 for community rewards has been reached!

I’d think that’s up to the Pokémon GO team if they want to add a new badge.

OPR Live already existed in Ingress, was just earned differently before, so easy to switch where Pokémon GO would need new art and decision on tiers etc.

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Really, 500 reviews for only two super egg incubators??? Its really a joke


Considering I buy those by the 100, it is a bit of a joke. But I actually quite like edit reviews. Shame most of the reviews arent edits, and the whole process is mainly watching error messages

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Just thought I’d bring this up. There have been a few people wondering where the rewards post for the challenge is, and saying they can’t find it. Could the title be updated to include “rewards” in the title in some way?

@admins @Ambassadors


I agree it is being missed too many times.
I have edited the title ( Please forgive me :joy:)
And I think I have pinned the topic. These normally unpin once you have read them.


For the Pokemon Go rewards, will you be able to redeem the rewards even if your bag space is near capacity (ie adding the item rewards would then cause your bag to become overfull)?

The individual reward tiers are somewhat illogical: for 100 reviews, you get 1 upgrade, for 250 you get 3 meaning you have to review 83 reviews per upgrade, but then at 500 that rises to a 100 again, logic would predict that it would drop further, so that you would get 7 upgrades for 500 reviews for example.


Am I correct in thinking that after I have reviewed 500 there is no need to review more as there is no more individual rewards for going above this number?

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Well… ideally there would be no need to review more, but Niantic hasn’t been great at counting things in the past, so if you don’t want to get Tier 2 rewards and be told that you didn’t actually do 500, you might want to pad it a tiny bit.

True or at least take a screenshot.

Woohoo! First time reaching tier 3 for individual awards!


I am almost there myself! Just need to get done with my pesky day job so I can knock out the remainder to hit the threshold :joy:

Do a few extras to be safe!

I’m relieved the community hit 90K finally after days or so many bugs!

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I’m almost at 800. I would most likely be over that if the site wasn’t glitchy on the 19th.