Global Reviewer Challenge - Race Around the World!

Hello Explorers,

Start packing your bags and freshen up on your piloting skills. The Wayfarer Team invites you to join us on a virtual race around the globe via our first Wayfarer Challenge of the year! This challenge will take place starting May 15, 2024 at 1:00pm PDT through May 22, 2024 at 1:00pm PDT. We will be taking off from Japan, making our first stop to refuel in the USA, and then making a final stop in Germany to fuel up before the final stretch back to Japan! How did we pick these challenges’ locations? Well before we share that, the Ambassadors and the Wayfarer Team are excited to share that for the first time ever, our Wayfarer Challenge will include…… EDITS! I’m sure you can guess it now, Japan, USA, and Germany are the countries with the largest edit backlogs in the world. We can’t wait to have our Wayfarer Community take on the edit backlogs of these countries.

Being that this challenge will be the first time we have edits as part of the experience, we’ll be mixing up the edits with nominations to assist in reaching the tiered reward goals and test out how our community reacts to many more edits in reviews than usual.

More details about in-game and Wayfarer rewards will be posted at the start of the challenge.

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