Rejected Portal Removal Appeal

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

Thanks for the appeal @implode8881 We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

That’s… a questionable conclusion. Especially considering you DID remove a similar basketball hoop in this topic: Invalid Wayspot: Cul-de-sac Basketball Hoop

Are Niantic’s appeal results just decided by a coin flip? Because it’s sure starting to feel like it with the complete lack of consistency.


The hoop in my appeal is portable. This one looks permanent.

Ahhh… after clicking on the image and taking a second look, it looks like this one is portable as well.

I completely missed the base in the shadows.

Well, yeah. The corner of a four-way intersection does not seem like a great place to install a permanent basketball hoop.

This is a portable basketball hoop at a street corner where the so-called court would be the street. I really do not understand why this is a valid portal.

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And, of course, you wrote the following which I completely glossed over:

I would have thought that either requiring access from a roadway or being a temporary (non-fixed) object resting on the ground would be sufficient reason for removal.

There’s one of these about a block from my home. Shall I nominate it, too?

Sorry that makes absolutely no sense @NianticAtlas . If you ignore the fact that it’s in someone’s front yard, citing that it’s between the sidewalk in the road which might be ok In some places, you still have to deal with the fact that it’s a portable basketball goal and the only place to play would be the street. So which would you like to pick: private single-family residence, unsafe, pedestrian access, or temporary? Seems all three apply.


If that’s the case, I think I should roll my portable basketball hoop out to the front of my house so I can get a PokéStop here!


@NianticAtlas Can you please explain why this isn’t an invalid portal when another such portal that others mentioned in this thread as being invalid and removed. This portal is clearly not fixed and temporary. It is a basketball hoop, but it’s play area is in the street and so unsafe.

setting aside the fact that it’s in no way permanent, this is a clear case of the example mentioned in the clarification post about little free libraries. you have to be in the street to use it so it’s not safe. weird that the team didn’t see that