Basketball got rejected

I thought all basketball hoops were accepted as a pokemon stop. I’ve seen it. Yet why did mine get rejected? I used that photo and only that photo. Yes It’s located on a apartment property but there’s plenty of walking access.

The title I put for it was basketball hoop

For the beginning Description I put this
Playing basketball is great for exercise.

For the description for the end I put this
You might be able to see it on satellite cuz trees are blocking it. And I knkw its on a private residential property but i live on a culdesac where there’s no pokemon stops around me. On top of that basketball hoops are acceptable as a pokemon stop. pretty please make it happen for me.

It got REJECTED / I tried to appeal it and it got rejected as well.
Thanks for the appeal, Explorer! The Wayspot contains context trying to sway and influence reviewers to vote on your nominations in a specific way which is a violation of our policies. We recommend you review the Wayspot rejection criteria before submitting any more Wayspot contributions: Rejection Criteria — Wayfarer Help Center

Rejection Criteria

If anyone can help me try to fix this or better word it that would be great.

we can help more if you show the entire nomination, but from what you have said, i am guessing that the rejection reason was for being temporary, and your supporting statement was why you want it to be a pokestop, which niantic has called out as influencing reviewers on the forum previously.

although the prompt in the nomination screen says you are submitting a pokestop, you are not. you are submitting a wayspot, which may be used in pokemon go if it meets inclusion criteria.

the basketball hoop is a temporary set up, not a permanent one, so it cannot be wayspot. if you find a permanently installed hoop, or a permanently defined court with lines, those might work.


what can I do to fix it tho. I’ve see lots of baseball hoops accepted as a pokemon stop.

unless they install a permanent hoop or create a permanent court, you can’t fix it. if you have seen other temporary installations like this as pokestops, they were accepted in error.

fwiw a common area in an apartment community would be eligible. niantic defines private property as private single family residential property. if this cul-de-sac is a roadway, then the road would not have safe pedestrian access. if this is a parking area for the apartment community, then it could be acceptable if it were a permanent installation. PLEASE ask in nomination support before you make your next nomination. we would love to be able to help you be successful.

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Since this is not permanently affixed to the ground, it won’t be accepted.


i edited this a bit so be sure to read it again. i hate to see someone struggling so much with nominating and not being able to help them. some helpful resources:

if there are any of those guidelines you aren’t sure about, please ask!


Anything that is temporary and can be easily moved is never good to be submitted as a point of interest. Who knows when it will be removed. Therefore not a good place for someone to attempt to visit

The hoop is the kind of hoop someone buys to put in the yard, movable → temporary
You indicate yourself that it’s on private property → primary reason for rejection

Please also read the rejection criteria.

The games try to make you excercise, explore.
Not having a pokestop accessible from your couch is not a reason for wayfarers to accept invalid candidates

While similar objects exist, also mind that the review and submission process also accounts for the location and content of your submission. And that the rejection criteria supercedes eligibility.

Also that existing wayspots cannot be assumed is still acceptable in the current Wayfarer process.