Rejected removal appeal - active industrial site

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title:
    Pierwsza Tona Kopalni Jastrzębie 4.XII.1962r.

  • Location (lat/lon):
    49.96548025111505, 18.56527833320041

  • City: Jastrzębie-Zdrój

  • Country: Poland

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):

  • Additional Information (if any):
    The wayspot reported, and the other wayspot nearby ( Title: Figura św.Barbary na cechowni, Location: 49.96498853004033, 18.56518579699264 ) are on grounds of an active industrial site - a coal mine. The area is restricted only to employees, which gives unfair advantage to one team. The wayspots in question cannot be reached from outside restricted grounds. I am not local to the area and was made aware of this situation by the security guards only when I, along with my friend, accidentally tresspassed on the restricted section of the site. We were able to explain the situation, but the incident was serious enough the security was considering reporting it to the police.

Due to the nature of the incident, we were unable to take photos. However, here is the beginning of the restricted area in street view:

Due to the possibility of legal consequences for other players similarly unfamiliar with area, please consider removing these wayspots.

Places that have restricted access are not inherently ineligible nor meet removal criteria. There is no requirement for a wayspot to be accessible to all, if some people can access it that is ok.

As a general reminder the games are clear that whilst playing you should not trespass.

A member of the Wayfarer team will assess this specific case.

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Thanks for the appeal, @Auranebris. We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

Good morning,
this kind of POI is a shame
what would you say if the owners of these factories filed a complaint against you because their sites are secure and this type of portal encourages certain players to defy the ban?

If the company doesn’t want it there, then someone in a position of authority at the company can request the removal. Currently though, the Wayspot doesn’t encourage trespassing as Niantic clearly tells you when you load up their games to respect real world rules and do not go anywhere you specifically aren’t meant to access. If you choose to break real world rules just to access a wayspot, that’s not Niantic’s liability, that’s your own fault, as you’re doing exactly what Niantic tells you not to do. The company would be well within their rights to take actions against you in that case, but Niantic would have no liability as they literally warn you not to do that.

Anyone who works at this location or has official business visiting the location can access the Wayspot safely though, so it is still valid.