Removal Appeal: St. Rita Playground

This portal was very recently approved, but has now been removed suddenly. The location is a former school playground which has always been used by neighborhood children and continues to be used by them after the school was closed, including the nearby basketball hoops. As the letter from St. Rita from 2 years ago shows, the facility usage is going to become Archdiocese offices and they anticipate no changes to the exterior. The school was closed in the summer of 2022.

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: St. Rita Playground
  • Location (lat/lon): Ingress Intel Map
  • City: New Orleans
  • Country: USA
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email


  • Additional Information (if any):

Thanks for the appeal, @caderoux. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Wayspot.

Why would that be? What criteria does it not meet for a new wayspot?

I looked at it. This looks to be a multi-use court with the playground in it, being used by the catholic convent school, and there is no obvious sign of it not being in use anymore.
If this is a K-12 school, then being that actually disqualifies the playground, which is why this was removed.

If the school actually is closed please provide some form of proof to the Niantic staff so they can re-evaluate it

The letter from the Church about the zoning change post-closure to enable the conversion of use into offices is in the original post.

The church closed two years ago in 2022. Parents, community lament closure of St. Rita Catholic School in New Orleans: 'It's heartbreaking.'

Yeah I’m not sure if they can use that letter, with the news article it should be better

@NianticLC can you take another look or give some insight?