Removal denial

This waypoint is smack dab in the middle of someone’s yard

Prentiss point development sign
39.44326, -77.95624
Martinsburg WV usa

I completely agree with you that this should never have been accepted, but with the two address numbers here indicating this is not SFPRP (single family private residential property), do you have any other evidence you can put here to support this removal?

(it sure looks like sfprp on street view!)

I don’t know why there would be 2 address numbers that side is a very typical garrage, in fact I parked on the street to take this view on the other side of the property and the resident was leaving at that time. It is very possible that it is a garage conversion into a residence which I have seen before but the building itself is a very typical single family residence just like every other in the area, this is not 2 homes

Street view shows exactly how it looks today but with more construction happening down the road

Thanks for the appeal, @Moltensnowflake After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.