Remove wayspots for signs no longer present

  • Wayspot Title: “Arts Center village and Greenprints Trail Marker”

  • Location: 34.100644,-84.522221

  • Wayspot Title: “Visual Arts Gallery and Artist Studio Marker”

  • Location: 34.100497,-84.52172

  • Wayspot Title: “Instructional Center and Gardens Marker”

  • Location: 34.100113,-84.521791

  • Wayspot Title: “Woodland Walk Marker”

  • Location: 34.099917,-84.521373

  • Wayspot Title: “Arts Center Village Marker”

  • Location: 34.099665,-84.521689

  • City: Woodstock GA USA

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

  • Additional Information: haven’t yet received rejections for the last 2 but considering the reports team never looks at streetview it’s inevitable.

These markers were installed sometime many years ago to show ideas for what could be built here on the 4 acre “art village” campus. Some of the ideas such as the Reeves House Visual Arts Center, the Greenprints trail/art walk, the performing arts outdoor stage, and the adventure playground have since been constructed while others i believe have not yet received funding. Sometime since then the signs were removed and there is no sign of them now. Additionally, the group that put up the signs rebranding as “Woodstock Arts” in July of 2021

Here’s some sat images of the area first from 2019:

And then from 2023:

The 5 i’m reporting are marked by the yellow bookmark icons:

The streetview from the south end of the area (Maple St) has only one pass in 2018 showing the wooded area as it was before, the Arts Center Village Marker wayspot would have been right around where the circle is:

And if we jump over to Market St we can see an updated image from 2022:

Woodland Walk Marker used to be somewhere near here:

And over on Reeves St we can see where Arts Center village and Greenprints Trail Marker used to be:

The other 2 are in the center of the block and there’s no good way to show the locations in this same manner.

Hopefully this is sufficient evidence, next time i’m in the area i can try to snap some pictures of the locations but it’s always full of people so i try not to be a weirdo about it.

I searched extensively for anything online about the signs themselves to determine exactly when they were installed, my guess is somewhere around 2016-2018 and between the rebrand of the group and some websites being gone entirely i just couldn’t come up with anything.

Thanks for the appeal, @tehstone. After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspots in question.

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