Removed wayspot appeal

The wayspot below was removed, whereas to my opinion it was a valid wayspot.

  • Wayspot Title: Wall Sun
  • Location (lat/lon): 52.166364, 4.49477
  • City: Leiden
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information): Not Available
  • Additional Information (if any): The wayspot was mostlikely reported due to it beeing a private residence, but also is the side of a shared garage, making the PRP rule invalid.
    Added is a photo with the mural with in the right corner the fence of the shared garage.

Also the portal link when it was live:

The building seems to be a private residence. I’m not seeing evidence of a garage on the photo you posted, or on street view, and street view seems to show that this is the side of a private residence.

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The grey part is a metal grid, this is the side of the garage. It is a shared garage which is in the centre of the building on ground floor, the living floor is above it.

Wow! I think it was removed because someone thought nothing was there! Took me a while to see the brick outline !

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Thanks for the appeal, @Eagle1982 We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire the Wayspot.

Is it a single-family private residence or is it an apartment building? I can’t imagine any single-family residence having such a parking garage underneath it.

Under what reasoning was this wayspot removed?

Nobody has a ten- or twenty-car garage under a single-family home. That is a parking garage under a set of apartments.

The OP nominated brick artwork on an apartment building, and it was accepted. Someone reported it for abuse as a private residential wall, and got it removed.

The team now seems to be saying they don’t care how many cars you can see there, no takesie-backsies.


Then it shouldn’t be removed under PRP reason. @NianticAtlas can you elaborate which removal reason does this Wayspot meet?

It’s quite possible the owner contacted Niantic and did not want it . Niantic can’t disclose that information- maybe the landlord doesn’t like ppl hanging around there?

Could be, altho i wouldn’t find that logical. The route around this neighbourhood is part of a architectural route, so people can freely move around and usually make pictures of some of the interesting looking buildings.
I guess i’ll have to make peace with it (even tho i’ll probably bump the question up some more in the future) or find a workaround a way around @NianticAtlas 's subjective reasons.

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