Requesting POIs from Lightship

Today i’ve done my first request by niantic Lightship and i realized that the nominations section (or logbook) are apart from niantic wayfarer ones. I have some upgrades and I wonder if its possible by any way to use them in the nomination I requested from Lightship.

Other question I have is: do the nomination requested from Lightship is reviwed the same way as by submitting them in-game? It appears as “in review” already, it didnt had a queue or waiting line as usual.

Do not submit wayspots using the wayfarer app.

There’s a 99% chance that even if they do get accepted and would otherwise meet the proximity requirements, they won’t ever be able to show up in any game. If you want to submit wayspots, do so through Ingress or Pokémon Go.

So by nominating from lightship the POIs don’t appear in-game?


Is there any way possible to unsend it?

Nope, your best bet would be to submit it properly, upgrade it, and hope it gets accepted properly before it gets blocked.

Im now too far away from the location to do that, but thank you so much anyways!