Wayfarer app submissions

9 of my nominations made through the app last November have been decided upon.

All rejected although 8 of them are on the map anyway through the normal submission process.

Maybe the final death throes of the app itself?

I was under the impression that the app was only for developers. If that’s true items nominated through it may show up in Lightship for testing but not in game. So I’d say Staus quo for the app?

Yes although that wasn’t entirely clear when it was released.

Lots of people had submissions accepted and rejected, some appearing on the map with others being accepted and not showing.

The point is not whether they are accepted or rejected but more that those submissions have sat lingering for 7 months and suddenly they are being reviewed.

I’m at 15 reviewed in the last two hours now.

I submitted a load of wayspots through the app just before they asked us not to use it, I think it was about 18 months ago. Nothing ever happened with them, just stayed “in review” forever. So I resumbitted them in game and they were accepted ages ago. Today I am getting spammed with rejection emails for the lightship versions, 47 emails and counting in around 3 hours lol. but one said accepted, it is a duplicate now.

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My mistake on the timing, sorry.

Nov, 22 too.

All mine (14) were decided in November 22 with 3 being left in Limbo.

I’m at one left ‘in review’ after yesterday. Like the others it’s already in in the database.

No access to a map for the people helping to create that map would be a very Niantic thing to do.

If it goes and there is no replacement.

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As someone who only submits in ingress where there is nothing to show nearby wayspots I would be a bit lost without it. :joy:

That will be tough if Ingress goes.

No ‘official’ map, no IITC and having to submit in Go where you can only do one submission at a time without a restart because no actual map on the submission screen….

Bolded section is fixed in Go on 0.311 :slight_smile:


I log in with PTC on Go so can’t access wayfarer or campfire or codes or….

You can’t or don’t want to link it?

I received 3 decisions, 1 accepted, 2 rejected. One of the rejected was already in, the one that was accepted was a hole for a disc golf course, as was the other rejected one, i had actually submitted them as a test at the time, as there was a discussion on if niantic wanted each tee should be in or not … so that test is still inconclusive lol

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My 3 were submitted in november 2022, bit longer than 7 months lol

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If you only use PTC you can’t

There is of course a simple solution to that, but it requires the Ingress team to do it. Maybe post these latest Anomalies.

My one worry is, they wont appear in games. The one i got accepted hasnt appeared on iitc yet

My original submissions did but I can’t say for sure as everything else from Nov 2022 was rejected yesterday :smiling_face_with_tear:

I figured out why the one that got accepted is t showing on iitc, it lands just inside the 20m circle, so ill need to go look in person later on lol. Wish they would juat release a map that shows

Pokemon go
Monster hunter


Don’t forget Peridot :slight_smile: