Restoration request: Kunstroute Vinkhuizen

A series of waypoints that were tied to trail markers has recently disappeared in the neighborhood of Vinkhuizen, Groningen. As trail markers meet the criteria I personally see no reason for these to have been removed and I’d like to see them all restored.

  • Wayspot Title: Routewijzer Kunstroute Vinkhuizen
  • Location (lat/lon): 53.222113, 6.528200 (one of multiple locations)
  • City: Groningen
  • Country: The Netherlands

If these are not eligible as they were produced in a batch and thus look similar to other markers on the same trail, I’d like clarification on the eligibility of trail markers as a whole. Examples of trail markers that are mass produced in a similar or extremer degree are listed below:

Ingress - all markers on this trail are the same.
Ingress - mass produced trail markers for trails over the entire province
Ingress - metal version of the previous one
Ingress - assortment of 3 trail markers that are all mass produced to a degree
Ingress - biking trail markers. Mass produced metal sign for a biking trail.

Thanks for the appeal, Explorer. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire the Wayspot “Routewijzer Kunstroute Vinkhuizen”. Also, based on our criteria, we’ve decided to retire 3 Wayspots in question.

Could you explain why only 3 of the listed examples were removed?

All examples listed are equally mass produced so there shouldn’t be a reason to keep some and remove others. Proper explanations would help the community understand what trail markers don’t meet the criteria.