Rural road Tips for approval

Hello everyone, I need some tips for getting approval for a place of interest.

Let me explain, it’s a rural dirt path between two villages, it doesn’t have any signage or points of interest, but it’s frequented by many people for walking or biking. What would be the best way to construct a proposal for this type of place?

Thank you very much.

If it’s just a dirt path than it wont get accepted

This actually should be in Nomination Support for future reference, but I agree that it is very difficult to see how a plain dirt path meets the criteria:

Must meet at least one of the three eligibility criteria

  • A great place for exploration
  • A great place for exercise
  • A great place to be social with others

Also, it would be very difficult to take a photo that would have a clear visual anchor for folks to be able to recognize that they have arrived at the wayspot if there are no signs or points of interest. If you want to give the location of this path, people here may look around on Google Maps to see if they have any suggestions, but don’t feel like you need to post if it gives away your location.

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Moved to Nomination Support :fairy:


Hi, welcome!

For a location to be eligible, there needs to be some sort of visual “anchor” or recognizable location for the candidate to be acceptable. Usually, signage is considered the best visual representation as it proves legitimacy and intend of the location.

Signage is not explicitly required, though, but it’s going to be a difficult uphill battle. Are you able to share some photos of the trailhead?