Scenic viewpoints

Has anyone had something like this accepted on appeal or will I be wasting my time?

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Kind of, mine had a much less cool view, but the bench itself wasnt generic as it has the name of the nature area set into the design of the bench

Yours is much nicer! I would be happy to accept that as I think its a good place to explore.

Edit: mine was accepted by the community, not appeal. Sorry.

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I’ll give it a go.


340 million years of history in a 360° degree viewpoint
Castle, graveyard, War Of The Three Kingdoms, fighting blah blah blah.
Leith, industry, French and Scottish royalty, fighting blah blah blah.
Churches, protestants, catholics, fighting blah blah blah
Big volcano, English, fighting blah blah blah
Coal industry, mining museum, 1980s fighting blah blah blah
Located in a nature reserve beside The Royal Observatory


Fingers crossed for you!!

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I should have added in that it’s better than a postbox or Tesco :frowning:

Hello appeal person, I hope you are having a lovely day.

The bench is the anchor point for a 360° degree view over one of Europes oldest, historic and prettiest cities and makes a great point for exploration and exercise.

Some of the viewpoints include

To the south Arthur Seat a 340 million year old volcano, 11th century Edinburgh Castle at 450 feet high built on top of the volcano and churches that are focal points of 1,000 years of British history.

To the east The Forth Road Bridge, an iconic suspension bridge that connects Edinburgh to the Kingdom of Fife and Tynecastle the home of Edinburgh’s second best football team.

To the north the mining museums and collieries, that shaped the industrial revolution, dotted around Midlothian’s landscape.

To the West views over the Firth of Forth and the ancient port of Leith.

The bench itself at 550ft high sits atop Blackford Hill next to The Royal Observatory in a 60 acre nature reserve.


Better than lots of things!! I hope it works.

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No sign - no chance

But really, I love that view. Beautyful :heart_eyes:

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Signfarer strikes again :laughing:
Hopefully there is a chance. Its an awesome view!


Perhaps you can see a Tesco in one direction?
Than I would mark it.