Sidewalks and SFPRP?

I have a question in regards to the criteria for LFL. The criteria classification says it may be eligible but should be considered ineligible due to no sidewalks and obstructing the entrance. Apparently if it was turned away from the road it might be eligible. Although from the photo it looks like a driveway to me and they state it “blocks the entrance” so acknowledge that it is a driveway. They focus on the sidewalk but there is no sidewalk here and often that is common in residential areas and rural areas.

So many LFL are popping up and not all smaller communities have sidewalks. Now newer construction areas likely do.
I would really like a better picture for this ineligible library since it is taking the focus away from the library and on “safety” and “obstruction of the entrance”

The second question is on what constitutes a PRP or SFPRP. I had a LFL nomination pop up for a duplex before. It actually had the two house numbers on the library as well. Would this count? Some older houses are converted into smaller apartments, so it is difficult to tell unless the supporting information has that or you research a bit yourself. I mean I could take the time to actually look up the zoning but I know that isn’t worth it.
LFL on SFPRP, subdivision names, “fancy” road signs are starting to pop up more and more in my area. Just looking for some clarification on the above. Thanks


Sometimes what looks like a single residence is actually a group home for elderly people (assisted care, long term care, etc)

It could also be a group home for youth. Doesn’t mean it would be eligible. My oldest lives in such a home due to their high needs, but it wouldn’t meet eligibility. If it appears to look like a SFPRP then I would err on the side of caution. Assisted Care and Long-term Care homes that are in smaller buildings like single family homes usually have signs. Similar to youth group homes. Again I would think they would not qualify.

I am more wondering if multi-family housing such as duplexes should be considered. This is a wayspot and there are others like it.