Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries (LFL) can be eligible for nomination, but their location is critical to whether they can be accepted. Little Free Libraries with safe access on sidewalks outside of apartment buildings or on municipal or communal property are eligible. Those on single-family private residential properties (SFPRP) are ineligible.

:+1:The LFL above is a good example of an eligible Waypoint. It is on public property and is well-maintained. It faces the sidewalk, does not block access to the driveway, and also allows users to gather in a safe place.

:-1:The location pictured above is a good example of a LFL that may be in eligible location, but should not be accepted. This LFL cannot be accessed safely by pedestrians on foot. It does not face the sidewalk and instead requires users to stand in the road to access the books.

If a LFL is placed on eligible property in such a way that any visitors may obstruct the entrance, may encourage trespassing, or may present danger from nearby traffic, they should be considered ineligible.