"Skylark protection zone" sign eligible or not?

While exploring a local field I found this sign put up by the local council pointing out the presence of skylarks in the area and asking people to be cautious of them.
I have a few of these signs ready to be uploaded but I’m not sure if these are good candidates or not. On the one hand, it does provide a couple facts and a photo of them (I spotted two but wouldn’t have even realised if it weren’t for the sign and photo), but at the same time, it’s less of an informational sign and more of a CTA to watch what you’re doing in order to avoid disturbing the skylarks.

i would submit this. it has interesting facts and brings awareness. it meets my “would i head out to see this?” test.

unless something i am not seeing in that photo suggests this is only put up during the nesting season.


I would vote for this. It contains information about the birds, rather than just a warning/keep out sign. It also highlights the best route to take to keep them safe. I would visit the field to see the skylarks for sure, so I think its a good place to explore.

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I’d submit this, too! Yes, it’s related to protection of a threatened species, but that sign was put there for humans to use and not the threatened birds themselves. With so many bird species in crisis due to human encroachment, I love to see educational signs like this!


I’ve had about 5 of these similar to yours accepted.

When I initially asked on others opinions there were some who thought they were there as a stay away warning and wouldn’t accept them so make sure you make it clear they are there to help the skylarks while educating the humans and directing them to stay on the paths through the nesting areas.