Stepping Stones across a waterway

How would you vote on this? Safe or unsafe? Looks like it’s part of a public footpath, but I’m a bit doutful about pedestrian safety given it’s in the water. Pin is on the side of the river, not in the middle.

Looks like its whole purpose is pedestrian safety, even if its not high budget 2024 pedestrian safety.

What’s the worst that will happen? My cons will get a bit wet.


Yeah wet feet isnt unsafe to me. Unsafe is no crossing point.

Looks like something I would find fun, even as an adult

Stones can be or become slippery under water. May depend on water quality.

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Given how many footbridges and trails I’ve seen reviewed as having “no safe pedestrian access” I suppose I’m onto a loser here.

Literally saw a trail get rejected because it crossed a road… “no safe access”. Urm… how about walking along the trail for the safe access? If you dont fancy crossing the road without holding mummy and daddy’s hand you can turn around and walk back down the trail again, no peril encountered.

I feel the same way about these stones. A waypoint here doesn’t suggest crossing them in all conditions while being silly and taking risks. But they are safe to cross sensibly.

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Maybe get a picture more like this? @shritwod


Maybe… all the submitter will have to do is wait until it’s dry in the UK. Err…


Dont worry… there will be a hosepipe ban soon :roll_eyes:

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Very generic title but looks like an interesting place to explore and designed to be crossed by pedestrians. Depends on how they frame it and the effort they put in the supporting to some degree.

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Sorry, completely misread and didn’t realise it was a review :upside_down_face:

Would be interesting to hear how would Niantic Review team review this? Safe or unsafe?

@NianticLC @NianticAaron

IMO I’d consider the stepping stones themselves as unsafe but accept the pin at the stairs leading to the water.

I hate relying on “Wayforum criteria” that has since been removed and may not be intended to review by, but previous statements condoned areas accessible only during low tide and this doesn’t seem too dissimilar in intent.

Not accessible to people who are in wheelchair or walk with cane.
I would reject it as not safe.

Nomination can be also “not accepted” not because it is “not safe” but because of “no consensus”.

Real life example:

A lot of trail markers also aren’t accessible to people in wheelchairs. That doesn’t mean they aren’t eligible. They don’t have to be accessible by everybody. They just have to be accessible by some people, some of the time.

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Same for mountaintop waypoints and other adventurous exploration type stuff

Doesnt have to be safe and easily accessible for everyone in all conditions, all weathers etc

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I sure ain’t hiking no mountains! But i don’t begrudge those who do.

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I grew up near “steppy stoans” like this in Northern England. They are very unsafe. I’d still approve though, because as far as people there were concerned they were fine. It’s a cultural jawn IMO.


Do you ever think about someone dropping their phone in the water?