Submission Question

When including a surrounding photo for reference, is it acceptable to write on or “markup” the photo to help reviewers better understand where a waypoint may be in relation to its environment?

yes - supporting only

edited to add in an example where i realized the station i referenced was hard to pick out in the surrounding woods


I’ve seen many submissions with supporting photos like this, and as long as the main photo doesn’t have any added marks on it, I usually approve it. I’ve also seen people submit supporting photos that contain more than one photo to placemark the area, and I don’t have issues with these either.

I’d still explain in the supporting info where the submission is located, and that you have noted the area in the supporting photo to assist reviewers.


thank you!

Can you add more than one Supporting Photo?

I think you need to do it as a picture collage.

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You can only submit 1 supporting photo, but some edit a few different photos together into a collage image and use that. Not needed, as why do I need to see a restaurant’s menus, but depending on what’s included, can be helpful.

I have also seen couple picture collages and they worked well – more informative than just one photo :slight_smile: