How about the option to add more than one supporting photo?

When submitting things, I often find myself wanting to be able to upload more than one supporting image. For instance, when submitting local trail markers, I would love to be able to submit both a zoomed-out photo showing the trail marker in context to its environment, and a screenshot of the trail map from the trail’s official website like this:

that clearly shows where the trail and its important points are on the map.

But Wayfarer will only let me upload ONE supporting photo, so I either have to choose between the map screenshot or an actual photo of the environment around the trail marker.

So I would personally very much like the option to add multiple supporting photos when submitting a new nomination. I hope Niantic will add this feature at some point.

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You can create a collage and upload it as your one supporting photo.

You can also leave a link to the trail map in your supporting info.


I haven’t done this for nominations (yet), but for various types of appeals, I’ve created a Google Photos album with supporting images and set it to share with “anyone with the link”. I then also word it as “an incognito friendly album” emphasizing that neither I nor G could could see who they were.

For an album like this, it can include the geo location info and per image notes as well.

I imagine other image sharing services have similar features.

(Actually, I’ve done similar for using Google My Maps as well to show why I’m going a particular >10m move.)

Then once no longer needed, clean it up.

So you can’t see who looked at it, but can you see that someone looked at it? I’m curious if the appeals team are clicking on those links. It’s an interesting strategy.

Adding more than one photo would be great. I also really like your album idea here: that sounds very helpful for both submitter and reviewers.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure and never bothered to check.

However, I just looked at such an album I have set up right now for an appeal, and there is now some new person listed on the album. I presume that is a Niantic employee who checked on it without using incognito. (I always check myself from another profile just to make sure I did it right before actually sharing the link to make sure it works that way.)

But, either way, I don’t see a view count on either the album or individual photos. At least that I know how to find in Google Photos.

Huh. I just noticed that the information I added during that particular appeal is not captured anywhere on either my “Contribution Management” page nor in the associated email.

[Edit: Hah! I just saw I have an email that this particular appeal had been approved about 10 hours ago. I didn’t notice it before because I searched for the old title and not the new and they are nothing alike. And, even though it was 10 hours old, it still showed as an appeal in Wayfarer. Checked again just now and shows as accepted.]

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FR: Show appeal information on contribution and email notification