Best Location Review - Could we see supporting image?

Are supporting images saved for later use?

When reviewing best location, it would really help us to see those supporting images, if those still exist.

Here (this was latest location question) the tree line helps a lot, but it’s not always this easy.

EDIT: Or let us upload picture while doing location edit request via app. That would help when trying to figure out these locations on Wayfarer.
Thank you @elijustrying for pointing out that option. (didn’t even think of that)


Or even better be allowed to submit at least one supplementary photo and statement to help back up the move.
That is what I would like as a submitter and reviewer.
If you make a location edit ( meant for ones you can’t do in app) via help chat you can do that. :thinking:


Yep, it makes zero sense to me that in order for Help chat to move something they REQUIRE proof. But we are supposed to just wing it and make a decision with no proof as the PRIMARY review team for edits.


There is also no guarantee that there was a supporting photo (maybe the POI is 10-11 years old) or that the one the original submitter made was useful.

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Most of these “choose the best location” are guesswork. Which dot in the same tree is correct? Which dot on the same piece of grass is correct? Which dot on this building is best? Streetview often puts you onto a different road entirely or isnt present. Would absolutely love the option to provide some information and a supporting picture on these edits!

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And I would love to have the option to “suggest other location”.


@AliceWonder1511 I agree with you on that. I’ve had a few in the past that I know well and can’t actually place it in the right location. Sometimes there is a mismatch on positioning between the Wayfarer position that you see and the position you see on Google maps and the position at the physical site. I got 1 to review that looked to be in the wrong location but when I was at the site in was exactly where it was meant to be. Just didn’t show correctly on the map. (Misplaced by about 50m) Guess it has something to do with gos, signal but it could get legitimate moves rejected.

You mean you dont spend most of the time reviewing stuff hundreds of miles away that you’ll never see and have no idea about? Wow.

I got into wayfarer because I wanted to improve my local area, and the talk of “local knowledge” being important was interesting to me as I thought maybe I’d be reviewing things within a small radius of home. Wow was I wrong.

I see more Scottish and French submissions than I do local places I recognise (South East England)

Which makes having more information for edits even more important


I was also disappointed about how few local reviews I get, but then I realized it’s probably because there aren’t that many locals nominating at the moment. I started playing PGo when it was first out but then stopped for years, only picking it back up last fall. In the meantime the local player community exploded and nominated a bunch of POIs, but then participation fell off again, to not that many active players, and maybe those who are active have already added all the stops they care to. So when I get a new one accepted, I’ve been sending gifts/postcards from them to the local players I’ve met, hoping to reinvigorate their interest in improving the map.

Most wayspots around me have multiple images on them, many taken from various angles. Being able to see all of them, not just the current primary image, would be really nice!

(And it would be helpful for checking possible duplicates during nomination review as well.)

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Yes when I first started (back in 2017 ) I expected local to mean places within about a 30 mile radius of Manchester :joy:
Silly me. Local in USA is slightly different.
That made me realise how I needed to change what I wrote in Descriptions (no supplementary then).
But yes it’s all about our friend S2 cells.

Same here. You probably see mine though :wink:

Not always hundreds of miles away but the majority are outside of my area. If you are going to quote a single line please quote the entire sentence.

I stated I had a few I know well because they were not far from my area. (20-30 miles) Either I have been to the area a lot or have travelled there.

That is a few out of hundreds of reviews.

I agree with you that I believed when I got into it originally I would be reviewing local area also but this is obviously not the case.

I do cover a lot of the country though so I know a lot of the stuff that pops up and if not all you can do is hope there is good supplementary information and photos and just give your opinion based on the criteria.

The blue box is my play area =local
Upgrades and priority area nominations come from anywhere in UK

I wouldn’t know my exact review area but my bonus is set to northern Scotland and I’m not far from London so I basically get whole UK, Ireland and some French stuff (which I hate because I don’t know French)

Whereabouts in northern Scotland there if you don’t mind me asking.

Inverness or further up like Thurso, Portree etc and do you see much from there in your reviews?

Also… That word filter problem


And yeah, get a lot of reviews from there.

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I was interested in what shows up if you were in the more remote areas.

I have friends in Aberdeen and I’ve visited a few times, so I do at least recognise some stuff.
Most of the rest of the country, nope!