Successful Nomination

I got my first successful nomination. Where will I be able to see which games it was added to?

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I know they dont show up always in the games, but is there a way to track it


Congratulations on getting your first approved nomination :slightly_smiling_face:

It may take upto 48 hours for this nomination to appear on the games they are eligible for.

Hi Thanks for the reply. After 48hours if it is not yet in one of the games of niantic I play then I assume it will not be there ever?

In some ocassions there are no synchronization in a specific game for some days. Is not usual but it can happen. So to sum up yes, in general terms, they will not be in the game you are waiting to appear until something changes and it follow the inclusion rules for that game.

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Unfortunately there is no full map available to us showing all POI, the best way to check which games a particular one appears in is to look from within those games when you are in range.

The ingress map shows those that appear in ingress. Campfire is some help but lacking for Pogo. Hopefully in time we will be provided with a proper full map which with be extremely helpful for lots of reasons.

Sometimes POI don’t immediately sync, but after several days, if your nomination hasn’t shown up in your game of choice, it likely won’t unfortunately.

To follow up on the “ever” part of your question, let’s say there is another POI that is blocking yours from showing up in PGO due to its inclusion rules. If something about that other POI ever changes, yours may eventually appear. But that doesn’t happen very often.

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Thanks for the help. Which inclusion rules do you speak of

For example: For Ingress the wayspot have to be located at least 20m away from other existent wayspots. For PoGo it can be just 1 wayspot inside a cell. If there are more only 1 will appear.

Where am I able to see the Cells for future reference for PoGo

I don’t have a link where the explanation appears. Maybe any other folk can help you