Pokestop nominations accepted and not showing up

I’ve had 4 nominations accepted / approved and said they would be showing up and it has been 5 days since anything has appeared ?! I’ve never had issues before with my nominations.

I did read on here that not all nominations will appear after they have been approved ?!? Why is that ?
What is the purpose of putting in pokestops if they won’t even load to the game ?

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i completely agree with you that the wording on the prompt needs to change to indicate you are making a “wayspot” nomination, not a “pokestop” nomination.

smarter people than me have discovered that pokemon go will only use one wayspot in a level 17 S2 cell. you may want to google that before you submit anything else if you only want to submit things that can appear in pogo.


When you submit a nomination it is for wayspots in the Lightship database. Your accepted nominations are stored there.

Each game (Pokémon Go, Ingress, Pikman, Peridot, MHNow) have inclusion rules that they apply to the Lightship database to populate their unique game boards. Yours likely does not meet the inclusion rule for Pokémon Go.


Hi! Here you have a topic created to explain this: Why hasn't my approved POI shown up in my game yet? ^^

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i like this answer, but it doesn’t mention the pogo inclusion rule. i think people should know.


I don’t disagree with you that would be helpful. But it would also be helpful to list the detailed inclusion rules for Ingress. And what about the other games?

But I suspect that the ‘official’ answer revolves around the fact that Niantic has never officially stated what the inclusion rules for Pokémon Go actually are. To the best of my knowledge, Ingress is the only game that they have explained that it is a 20 m radius.

The other reason I respond the way I do (shortened version of the Seaprinces statement) is because I think it is very important for people to know there isn’t ONE game, there are many games. And I know this gets us to the language around nominating from the game platform and I think they need to get away from the immersive language. But now I am straying from the original topic!

don’t disagree with you about the pinned answer. but this person asked about their


Totally get that and I like that you explain to them the inclusion for Pokestops.

I am try to (admittedly very subtley) get them to understand what was sent to them in the acceptance email. Not only does it advise them to wait 48 hours but that it may not appear in all Niantic games.

Yet most folks are super confused when something has been accepted but not showing up in the game they submitted it in.

Edit: I don’t think I’m explaining it well at the moment. This is less about your comment so I’ll just have my dinner so I can think straight again.

Welcome @CDUBB1986
It is highly likely that it doesn’t meet the rules set by Pokémon Go to make it into the game.
If you are comfortable providing the location - coordinates are good - and the name of the wayspot, we can h ave a look and see e act ly What the problem is.

Here’s an example…

43.122003, -123.416540

It passes all requirements for showing up in the game. It used to be in the parking lot and I got it moved to the correct location, next to the building, as confirmed in the wayfarer image,

I don’t really know, it can be happen for multiple reasons. What I can see is that this was removed from real life, so if it’s a problem you can report it.

I like the lion painting on the bin… very creative.

If I paint all the local garbage bins like this will it be good enough for addition? @Xenopus @CountKnick

I don’t see a lion but only if you use a stencil, otherwise it doesn’t count as art.

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The lion art is what’s almost certainly showing up in pogo for that level 17 s2 cell.

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If you moved it, that likely is why it disappeared. It will have previously been in the same cell as Civic Wayside Park, but as @NvlblNm says, it’s now in the cell with Lion Painting. If you move a wayspot into an already occupied cell, it’ll disappear from Pokémon Go due to the cell rules.

It does seem like the actual object no longer exists though, so it should really be reported for removal if that’s the case.

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Nope, it went from being in the same S2 zone as that one, to being in its own S2 zone, as shone here. My post kept being flagged, so I removed any S2 zone reference and this photo. Still got flagged.

The Lion Painting isn’t eligible to appear in Ingress due to being within 20 metres of the Park portal. That’s why it’s not on IITC. The coordinates of Lion Painting are 43.121883, -123.416334 .

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I never questioned that. The elk statue is in its own S2 zone, yet it does not show up in Pokémon Go. That’s where it’s broken.

No it isn’t. The elk and the lion are in the same cell. The lion doesn’t show on IITC because it’s not in Ingress, but it may still be in Pokémon Go.

This is how it would look if IITC displayed all 3 wayspots. The elk is the red icon, the park is the white icon and the lion is the blue icon. The blue icon and the red icon are in the same cell, so only one of them can appear in Pokémon Go, which presumably is the lion.


Really it’s an opportunity missed on that one (whoever the artist was) if they had used a bit of imagination and put the lions mouth across the trash flap and it would have looked like the lion was eating the trash…adding a “Num Num” sound effect followed by a burping sound effect could have also helped. Please take this advice into account when your showcase commences @26thDoctor :wink:

Do you agree @Xenopus ? :grin: