Third party photos should be abuse

I know that we can reject submissions based on third-party photos, but is that really enough? Stealing someone else’s work and passing it off as your own leads to all sorts of potential legal difficulties. Shouldn’t it be treated in the same way as other abuse?


For what it’s worth, you can through the “Report” button at the top of your review screen.

We (Ambassadors) continue to push for a text box to include additional information such as photo source.

I do consider most 3rd party photo usage “abusive,” however some I am willing to chalk up to laziness or lack of understanding and not atrocious abuse. I do take things case by case and pay attention to an area if I think it’s widespread or an isolated issue.


Interesting, I was thinking more when the photo does match the wayspot but it’s from StreetView or some other source entirerly.