3rd party photo?

Got an email saying “the team” rejected this information sign, so when i wnet and checked, it said 3rd party photo as the rejection reason

You cam clearly see my shadow on the photo, so the knky reason i can have is that the info aign has a satellite photo and thats been taken as 3rd party, but if thagd the case, what am i meant to do? Id ratger not waste an appeal on that

I can’t locate that photo anywhere searching from the screenshot. Is there anywhere you could have posted the original that they could linked to? Like Google Maps or even posted in this forum asking for advice?

As a community reviewer, I always find the original before marking something as third party.

Nope, the only place the photo exists is on my phone. I only ever take normal photos amd never upload to anywhere because of the possibility that someone might find it and reject for 3rd party lol.

Mil-guy incase anyone was wondering :upside_down_face:

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This is weird. I see that the Wayspot was approved already and then a duplicate was created which was later rejected. The rejection reason is incorrect though.


See, i thought it had already been accepted, but i coulsnt see it kn my list as accepted lol. I wonder why it went back into voting then (and got rejecyed for a random reason)

I activepy call it mill in gav ee just for the fun of it lol

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This has been reported several times. “Weird duplications” of nominations.


Ive just noticed this one has gone into niantic voting

But its also already been accepted and in game for over a week

I checked with the team on this. This should have been rejected as a duplicate (as the submission was duplicated) but the system did not allow that so the reviewer selected a random reason.

Coming to the issue of duplication, our team has identified an issue with it and are working on a fix.